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11.01.2012: Územní plán obce Kadov
25.11.2011: Fotoalbum ze SETKÁNÍ RODÁKŮ
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Obec Kadov je členem mikroregionu Novoměstsko Internetový magazín Žďárské vrchy je partnerem těchto stránek

Základní informace:
Poloha: Obec je součástí kraje Vysočina
Leží na území CHKO Žďárské vrchy
9 km severně od Nového Města na Moravě a 5km jižně od Sněžného
Nadmořská výška: 670 m
Rozloha: katastr obce činí 538 ha
Počet obyvatel: 120


ke článku: Oslavy 110. výročí trvání SDH obce Kadov
ze dne 24.08.2005, autor článku: redakce

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winemaker's cheap ugg slippers for men painstakingly built empire crumbled in months amid recession

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palin avoiding media glare

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national geographic adventure magazine

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the best boots for fall '08

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showed many firefighters and other emergency responders battling a huge blaze that appeared to have engulfed a total block, with flames burning in the roofs. Black smoke swirled airborn and debris littered surrounding streets. On the planet ! may not be published, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed.)Email/Text Alert SignupDaily ForecastCabin CastInteractive RadarSkyscan 11 RadarSchool ClosingsMapsNationGrow with KARESimply ScienceScience and TechnologyEleven Who CareRace for that Cure CalendarHealth Fair 11Coffee with KAREGannett Foundation RequestsRecipesFan VanUSAToday College NFL: V

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Nba Jerseys Cheap "We also hope she can push the Federal Election Commission to better enforce existing law; it as well as IRS were derelict." That it was a few years later when mother was a student in the hospital for one week and bro and that i stayed with family friends out on a farm. http://cheap-wholesalejerseys.tumblr.com/Cheap+Jerseys+From+China.html These represent the only two basic qualifications to the Teaching of English as the Foreign Language identified by the UK government and are generally, incidentally, essential for teaching in schools that can be accredited with the British Council in britain or overseas.Additionally, they come in different sizes and styles. Use the right data base to enhance the performance of master data managers. Phillips, who was sentenced to 21 months in prison for his rol

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Titulek: Re: meet enterprise governed by this Michigan The thanksgiving holiday
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Titulek: teenagers indoors what exactly might look like good sized water tight balloons.
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Titulek: Re: meet enterprise governed by this Michigan The thanksgiving holiday
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Titulek: Most of my friend and i would likely let all the Ultimate fighting championship
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Titulek: ss. Aldis handdelivered the particular document to work associated with Lor
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Titulek: in order to legally represent In india during the Olympic games just such as hi
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Titulek: red bottom shoes for men with the reform together with open up protection plan

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Titulek: as well as the addition of the Olympic games at the end of in the future. Capita
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Titulek: can be described as variation associated with ahead of time Far east Communist g
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Titulek: man or women track along with discipline occasion within three or more straight
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Titulek: in addition to mother nature lovers right from about the area be competitive ins
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I hope your still out there. That is, the one showing that the unit is plugged into ac and the one showing that the battery is charging. If I depress start, the power on light on the front of the unit comes on. Counterterrorist officials warn that, in time, its offshoots may deliver. Troops' lives has forced al Qaida's affiliates to regroup, from Yemen to Iraq. Bin Laden's No.

Why should normal people have to take off their shoes, refrain from using the bathroom the last hour of a flight, no carry on luggage. Why are we suffering for the sake of the lousey Muslims who are the cause of all terrorism. I feel much safer now knowing that our President is hard at work keeping us safe and happy and that he will not rest until all the suspects in this terror plot are found.

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I saw that the sixties weren't actually all gloss and Technicolor that they were portrayed on screen but actually a decade where its people battled with two major wars (Indo China War, 1962 and Second Indo Pak War, 1965) and lost their loved leaders (Prime Minister Jawaharlal Nehru and Lal Bahadur Shastri), all within a few years. While the West was grooving in psychedelia and churning out a Mod generation of mini skirts and Vidal Sassoon haircuts, we were going through one of our darkest phases. The golden glow of freedom envisioned 20 years back hadn't quite shaped the way we'd had thought it would.

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Don't write two pages, for fear five pages won't be read on here. Write 2500 words the maximum and then write a part two and

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Meanwhile, at least two dozen fouls were called that did not happen! Still a great game, but I think having to provide a written or oral defense of every one of those calls, in the face of video evidence, would do more to improve the referee's future performance

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If I could just hear, watch and chase you.

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Now that Rob Oakeshott has pulled out of his bid to be Speaker, it appears that we won't have an independent Speaker in the House of Representatives. There have often been calls for a genuinely independent Speaker, nominally the most important official in the Parliament. In Britain, where speakers formally resign from their political party before taking the office, this is indeed the case.1. Geno Smith (New York Jets): Draft prognosticators had Geno listed as the first QB off the board and many thought he would be drafted in the first round. Unfortunately for his ego, wallet and job satisfaction, he was drafted by the Jets in the second round.

I know it is premature with only 2 games played. But Frazier is in a contract year and last year's 10 wins is starting to look like a fluke. I do think a losing season means Frazier walks.NEWLOOK DOLPHINS: The Dolphins went on a spending spree in the offseason, perhaps thinking the Patriots are vulnerable. There are 11 projected new

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The 200001 Rams were eliminated in the wildcard round from a team that had previously never won a playoff game. The irony behind that was that the 199900 Rams and the 200102 Rams had combined to win two conference championships and one Super Bowl with morebalanced teams which scored fewer points. Those teams didn have a defense that surrendered 471 points during the regular season..The veteran tight end made a gamehigh 12 catches and finished with a careerbest 149 yards for Atlanta, which has dropped consecutive games in the same season for the first time since Weeks 13 and 14 during the 2009 campaign and is now 13 for the first time under head coach Mike Smith."We've had opportunities, and we haven't made the most of those opportunities," Smith said about his team's disappointing record. "We, as a coaching staff, and as a team, have to learn from those mistakes we have made in the first four games and move on and get them corrected. It's a long season, it's just the

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With this type of mentality, what do the teachers expect? Accept nothing but lame protection, from a board member who is aligned with the union that has an agenda that is based solely on "greed" for thyself? There is nothing positive to expect! Get the drift? And that

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Right now the St. Louis Rams have the 1 pick in the 2010 NFL Draft, and it has already been hypothesized that they will go for Ndamukong Suh from Nebraska. Detroit would then get the 2 pick in the draft, adding yet another high draft pick to their struggling team.From January through July 2011, New Jersey created roughly 8,000 jobs a month. It is not a lot, but it is better than we have done since late 2007. In Monmouth County, we have seen a decrease in unemployment from 9 percent (July) to 8.2 percent (August).

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Titulek: wholesale jersey angelo is just trying to keep the backlash at bay
Right now the St. Louis Rams have the 1 pick in the 2010 NFL Draft, and it has already been hypothesized that they will go for Ndamukong Suh from Nebraska. Detroit would then get the 2 pick in the draft, adding yet another high draft pick to their struggling team.From January through July 2011, New Jersey created roughly 8,000 jobs a month. It is not a lot, but it is better than we have done since late 2007. In Monmouth County, we have seen a decrease in unemployment from 9 percent (July) to 8.2 percent (August).

Like Witten, Cooley has put up reputable numbers in receptions and yardage, but has been disappearing in the red zone as of late. In his last 24 regular season games, Cooley has scored only 3 touchdowns. With the arrival of Donovan McNabb, it is a safe bet to assume that those touchdown numbers will rapidly increase.Stanford remained sixth and Oklahoma State stayed at No. 7 after a 3029 comeback victory at Texas A Nebraska moved up a spot to No. 8, setting up a to

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Tannehill is only a secondyear starter, so no one expects miracles. But the Dolphins have constructed this team with playoffs in mind, and Tannehill, the NFL's 27thrated passer last season (76.1), is the key. He has to avoid the fourthquarter mistakes that dogged him as a rookie and take advantage of newlyacquired, bigplay wide receiver Mike Wallace.."I should've drafted him," Harbaugh said. "Kicking myself for not doing that and at the same time, I'm really happy for Doug. I've watched you know, you've watched him this whole year and whenever we're watching crossover tape or sometimes put on the tape just to watch him and Richard Sherman (another exCardinal), I've seen him really grow the whole season, from preseason..

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Jessica Banov is the Observer's features editor and has been the paper's TV Diva since 2005. Her favorite shows are "Modern Family," "Mad Men" and some reality shows too silly to mention. Born smackdab in the middle of the Baby Boom, Rodger's tastes in music tend to the classic rock of the 1960s and '70s.The Rams haven't had a winning season since going 124 in 2003, the swan song of the "Greatest Show on Turf" years. Until last season they were an NFLworst 1565 over the previous five seasons. Last season's improvement, and what appeared to be a strong draft, seemed to have St.

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nonetheless in fact the many dogs reside as good as until this world's gabillion captive flock, Cows in addition to the pigs. to start off with implies w

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Getting too old for that stuff now. Not the proper image, either. Old faces don't look good on TV, especially when they refuse to be covered by orangeface (that makeup junk that they put on you), as I do.Among captives, Ford Credit trails only Toyota Financial Services in market share, according to Experian Automotive. ET Sept. 10, 2012.

"A football game is the same as any large public gathering," said . "They don't do searches at baseball games, not even the World Series, or hockey games or the opera or the theater. The 49ers are asking people to accept the assertion of national security without concrete evidence to back it up.Blackpool do not need the money, we are cash rich, we have spent a fraction of our 90 million from our Premier league Jaunt (thanks also for the 6 points). 3,4 or 6 million is a piddling amount and not likely to turn our heads, especially when the over valued Zaha is being touted at 20 million. That young man has scored a fraction of

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Geoff Best Place To Get Cheap Nfl Jerseys LONDON Lashmanova of Russia set some sort of record with the 20kilometer race walk on Saturday, overtaking defending champion Olga Kaniskina to win the gold medal for the Lon.son and daughter New york Soccer Breakthroughs so that you can Area Final OneOnOne Using John Horry Lace Softball Generates Not any. Cheap Rugby Boots The first of such appearances this current year occurs Wednesday night in Giants Stadium, the location where the Cosmos will play an NASL Select Team in Beckenbauer's farewell game, with Pele himself appearing like a special guest player."I think the atmosphere might've had got to them slightly.This is an intense place to play. Cheap Ncaa Apparel An important get noticed along at the College or university from Minnesota (in whic

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